reg inducible promoters

Steve Ingram ingram at UTHSCSA.EDU
Tue Feb 25 09:57:51 EST 1997

Inducible promoters for pombe that I know of are:

Forsburg, Susan L., Nucleic Acids Research Vol 21, 12 2955-2956
(The above reference compares a tetracycline induced expression system
(Faryar, K., et al., (1992) Curr. Genet. 21, 345-349) to the nmt
promoters and two constitutive promoters

Picard, et al., (1990) Gene 86 257-261
(Budding and Fission yeast inducible expression vectors, involves
expression of a foreign receptor in addition to your gene)

Winston, F., (1989) Gene 84 473-479
(Glucose Repression)

There may be more, but this is all I know of.....
Hope this helps.

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