S pombe transformation: problems.

Thomas Petit tpetit at biomed.iib.uam.es
Thu Feb 27 14:18:32 EST 1997

Dears pombe lovers,

I have two questions:

1_I would like to know if someone has already transformed S. pombe using a
carbon source different than glucose (fructose, glycerol, gluconate....?)
and if yes, what conditions are you using to make it succefully?
2_I transformed (LiAc method) a diploid strain of S. pombe with two
different constructions (for integration, previously linearised) in two
different experiments, always changing my solutions of transformation, and
I obtained in the two cases few transformants and more than two third are
unable to sporulate!
(I select on ade- to be sure to work with the diploid strain). Any idea??

Thanks very much,


Thomas PETIT
C/ Arturo Duperier, 4
28029 Madrid
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