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James I. Garrels jg at proteome.com
Mon Mar 17 12:41:13 EST 1997

Employment Opportunity in Bioinformatics at Proteome Inc.

A part-time position is available as a Scientific Curator for further
development of YPD, the Yeast Protein Database.  The position involves
extraction of protein information from the yeast literature, data entry to
the YPD database on the World-Wide Web, interactions with users and other
databases, and general support of YPD.

With the completion of the Yeast Genome Sequencing Project, YPD is a
database for the entire yeast proteome.  Yeast genome/proteome information
is used not only in basic yeast research and antifungal research, but also
by genome researchers seeking to annotate genes for other organisms and by
researchers from all fields who find genes with homologs in yeast.

YPD can be accessed on the Web at http://www.proteome.com/YPDhome.html.

The position requires advanced training, preferably a Ph.D. degree with
yeast research experience, and good literature skills.  The hours and
workplace are flexible.  Some of the work can be carried out remotely from
the curator's home via the Internet.  (We can help to set up the link if
necessary.)  The candidate may expect the position to lead to future
full-time employment and job advancement within Proteome, Inc.  Candidates
within the Boston area are preferred, but applicants will be considered for
remote interaction from anywhere in the US.

Please send inquiries or resumes with names of references by FAX or Email
(see numbers and address below).  This is an opportunity to enter the
growing new field of proteome research.

Jim Garrels

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