HELP - Phenomenal Intestinal Yeast Colonization

Tue Mar 18 15:33:40 EST 1997


                                          I WANT TO BE HOSPITALIZED
	                 FOR  MY CURE AND FOR RESEARCH

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I face serious health problems for years. For the last six years I
addressed to many doctors of many countries. I also visited Moschow,
London and all the Greek institutes. No doctor never gave explanations
of them. I insisted that the reason for them is that I was eating big
pieces of bakery yeast, of kefir yeast and kefir milk mixed with milk
protein powders for nine years.
	 In March of 1996 a biology expert proved with stool cultures that I
have kluyveromyces marxiunus var. lactis (candida sphaerica). It is
one of the kefir fungi. Although I had stopped these eating habits
from 1992. My wife and two of my friends were drinking only the kefir.
All three of them had the same fungi in stool cultures. Although they
have stopped drinking it from 1992 (during all these six years that I
have spend them completely with doctors, in the many stool cultures
that I did in Greece and abroad, they wrongly answered that I just had
candida albicans). I believe I have giant fungi colonies because in
the intestine X-rays doctors saw a very big WATERY stuff inside the
intestine. It was not stools or food because the barium came out from
the intestine completely clean (for this test firstly I evacuated my
intestine with a special 4 day process). Also, the 4th day the castor
oil came out from my intestine completely clean. We saw this stuff in
large intestine X-rays and after 2 years in the small intestines
X-rays. After these tests I tried to prove that it is not stools but
yeast by doing an axal tomography in the lower belly. The tomography
doctor said that we will put some kefir yeast under the tomography
machine to see its density. So he will understand in the picture of my
tomography which is stool and which is yeast. For helping the test he
told me to evacuate a little the intestine. I did the half process
that I did for the X-rays. In the pictures they saw a completely clean
intestine. No stools, no anything. We put the kefir yeast under the
machine, but the machine could not see it because it has very
low-density molecules. When I did a very strong evacuation the
intestine stayed very full. Now that I did a light one it was
completely clean? I have serious reasons to believe that I have not
only Kluyveromyces but the whole kefir yeast and maybe other yeasts
		Please inform me if you are interested in medical research ON ME about
my unique case. If you are not, it is very useful for me to recommend
me an institute that you suppose it is interested in my case.
	Thank you in advanced,

  Sincerely yours
John Diakoyiannis

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