help! production procedure on thyroprotein / iodine casein

Jack Kou fjk1 at
Thu Mar 27 01:39:22 EST 1997

I would like to obtain the production procedure for making thyroprotein /
iodine casein in a commercial setting (or even where to buy it).  I have
the molecular structure (hard to post) and the following information:

Molecular Weight = 776.93
   C:    23.19%
   H:    1.43%
   O:    8.24%
   N:    1.80%
   I:    65.34%

insoluable in water; soluable in N-Butanol & OH base solutions.
organic iodine:      9 ~ 10%
inorganic iodine: -

melting point: 231 - 233° C
  :­4.4 (3% in 0.13N NaOH in 70% EtOH)

Please reply even if you know only of some source where I might get more

sincere appreciation.

jack kou
fjk1 at

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