New Saccharomyces Sequences 03/27/97

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Thu Mar 27 07:40:56 EST 1997

=========== Updated Sequences =============

SCCHRIII    X59720 S43845 S49180 S58084 S93798   315339bp    DNA      PLN      25-MAR-1997
    S.cerevisiae chromosome III complete DNA sequence.
    chromosome; ALPHA2; ALPHA1; CHA1; KRR1; PRD1; KAR4; PBN1; LRE1; APA1;
     PDI1; GLK1; SRO9; STE50; HIS4; BIK1; FUS1; AGP1; tE(TTC)CL - systematic
     name; TY2A; TY2B; tL(CAA)CL - systematic name; LEU2; NFS1; BUD3; GBP2;
     ILV6; CWH36; SNR43; PEL1; RER1; CEN3; CDC10; MRPL32; YCP4; CIT2;
     tP(AGG)CR - systematic name; tG(GCC)CR - systematic name; SAT4; RVS161;
     ADP1; PGK1; POL4; SNR33; SRD1; tM(CAT)CR - systematic name; tK(CTT)CR -
     systematic name; MAK32; PET18; MAK31; HSP30; tQ(TTG)CR - systematic
     name; FEN2; RIM1; CRY1; SNR189; GNS1; RBK1; PHO87; BUD5; MATALPHA2;
     systematic name; HCM1; RAD18; SED4; SSK22; SOL2; ERS1; (PAT1); SRB8;
     TUP1; ABP1; FIG2; KIN82; MSH3; CDC39; A2; A1; tT(AGT)CR - systematic
     name; GIT1; PAU3; tN(GTT)CR - systematic name.

SCCIIORF    X70529    19481bp    DNA      PLN      25-MAR-1997
    S. cerevisiae chromosome II sequence for ORFs YBR 1721 to YBR 1735(19,482
    serine; gap gene; GTP binding protein; RIB5 gene.

=========== Updated Features/Annotations  =============

SCE8199     U18779 L10830    36872bp    DNA      PLN      25-MAR-1997
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae chromosome V cosmid 8199, 8334, and 9871.
    AFG1 (ATPase familyTIF51A (translation initiation factor eIF-5A); MAK10;
     Glucose-repressible protein; AFG1; Afg1p; VMA8; subunit D of vacuolar
     H-ATPase; YEL050C; Yel050cp; tRNA-Gly; PAU2; member of seripauperin
     proteins; YEL048C; Yel048cp; YEL047C; Yel047cp; GLY1; Gly1p; YEL045C;
     Yel045cp; YEL044W; Yel044wp; YEL043W; Yel043wp; GDA1;
     guanosine-diphosphatase of Golgi membrane; YEL041W; Yel041wp; UTR2;
     Utr2p; CYC7; cytochrome c, isoform-2; UTR4; Utr4p; RAD23; Rad23p; ANP1;
     Anp1p; UTR5; Utr5p; HYP2; translation initiation factor eIF-5A; YEL033W;
     Yel033wp; tRNA-Ser; MCM3; Mcm3p.

SCE9871     U18530    62643bp    DNA      PLN      25-MAR-1997
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae chromosome V cosmids 9871, 8199, 9867, 9495 and
     lambda clones 6693 and 5898.
    SPF1; P-type ATPase; YEL030W; Yel030wp; YEL029C; Yel029cp; YEL028W;
     Yel028wp; tRNA-Met; CUP5; Vacuolar ATP synthase 16 Kda proteolipid;
     subunit; dicyclohexylcarbodiimide binding subunit; ; YEL026W; Yel026wp;
     YEL025C; Yel025cp; RIP1; Rieske iron-sulfur protein of mitochondrial; 
     Ubiquinol-cytochrome c reductase; ; YEL023C; Yel023cp; YEL022W;
     Yel022wp; URA3; orotidine-5'-phosphate decarboxylase; RPR1; YEL020C;
     Yel020cp; MMS21; Mms21p; YEL018W; Yel018wp; PMP2; Plasma membrane
     proteolipid protein; YEL017W; Yel017wp; YEL016C; Yel016cp; YEL015W;
     Yel015wp; YEL014C; Yel014cp; YEL013W; Yel013wp; tRNA-Gln; UBC8;
     Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme; GLC3; 1,4-alpha-glucan branching enzyme;
     tRNA-Lys; YEL010W; Yel010wp; SUP150; tRNA-Arg; GCN4; Transcriptional
     activator of amino acid;  biosynthetic genes; ; YEL008W; Yel008wp;
     YEL007W; Yel007wp; YEL006W; Yel006wp; YEL005C; Yel005cp; YEL004W;
     Yel004wp; YEL003W; Yel003wp; WBP1; oligosaccharyl transferase beta
     subunit; YEL001C; Yel001cp; CEN5.

SCSNR10     X03372      600bp    DNA      PLN      25-MAR-1997
    Yeast gene for small nuclear RNA snR10.
    small nuclear RNA.

SCYDR035W   Z74331    11101bp    DNA      PLN      25-MAR-1997
    S.cerevisiae chromosome IV reading frame ORF YDR035w.
    TY2B; TY2A; tL(TAA)DR1 - systematic name; tQ(TTG)DR1 - systematic name;

SCYDR082W   Z74378     2853bp    DNA      PLN      25-MAR-1997
    S.cerevisiae chromosome IV reading frame ORF YDR082w.

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