Lac Z reporter/LEU2 marker

S L Forsburg forsburg at
Thu Mar 27 18:42:28 EST 1997

Monica Ruiz-Noriega wrote:
> Does anyone know about a plasmid such as pLG699-Z with a LEU marker?
> pLG699-Z carries the URA3 marker, the LacZ reporter and CYC leader
> sequences in addition to two XhoI sites for cloning of the promoter
> under study.

Do you care about the intact CYC1 promoter?  I made a derivative
 of 669Z called pSLFD265UP1-LEU which has a LEU marker and CYC1-UAS2UP1;
the Xho site is still downstream of the UAS and there is something 
upstream so you can drop out the UAS.  (I'm recalling my
rather distant thesis work, so I don't offhand remember all the sites).
If you want it I'll be glad to send it.

-- susan
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