IMPORTANT - BIOSCI moving to Stanford!

Francis Ouellette francis at
Thu May 22 05:50:02 EST 1997

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This message is of special importance for this group, 
because it was with DAve that we generated the yeast 
bionet newsgroup!


> From kristoff at Thu May 22 00:13:19 1997
> Date: Wed, 21 May 1997 21:07:46 -0700
> From: David Kristofferson <kristoff at>
> Subject: IMPORTANT - BIOSCI moving to Stanford!
> After more than a decade of serving the biology community on the
> BIOSCI project, I have decided that it is time for me to pass the
> torch.  

Dear David,

allow me to be one of the first (of many I am sure) to thank you for
your many many contributions to bionet/BIOSCI.  I've definitly 'come of
age' in my last 13 years on the Internet, and bionet was very much an
key player in this for me, and your work, as well as that of Rob Harper
was definitly illuminating for me, my personal carreer, and that of
thousands out there in cyber-space.

I truly enjoyed our many interactions and exchange of public and
personal e-mail over the years.  I am sure you are making the correct
descision for yourself and your familly, but let me assure you that you
will be missed by many of us.

Bonne chance, and very warmest regards,


| B.F. Francis Ouellette  
| GenBank Coordinator
| francis at   

| B.F. Francis Ouellette  
| GenBank Coordinator
| francis at   

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