Labelling yeast in glutamine medium?

Fred Kippert fkippert at SRV0.BIO.ED.AC.UK
Fri Oct 17 03:37:46 EST 1997

 Fergus.Doherty at (Fergus Doherty) wrote:

> I want to label yeast with 35S-met, but in a good nitrogen source. I
> don't want to use ammonium sulphate (because the sulphate will be
> preferntially used to make methionine - yes?). So could I use
> glutamine or glutamate, if so what concentration should I use. What
> about ammonium chloride?

I routinely use ammonium chloride for both pombe and cerevisiae and it
works fine. Concentration 3 g / L.

You can grow cerevisiae on any amino acid as nitrogen source, but
different aa give different gowth rates in different backgrounds.
Cocentration 5-10 g / L.  

Hope this helps.

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