YEAST/bionet.molbio.yeast is now moderated

francis at francis at
Mon Oct 20 22:29:14 EST 1997

Dear YEAST/bionet.molbio.yeast enthusiasts,

as of today, the YEAST/bionet.molbio.yeast newsgroup is moderated 
and this message represents my first attempt at processing a message 
through the bionet maze.

This does mean that I will now need to accept all message sent to
yeast at at or sent in via USENET, and it
is strongly hoped that this means the end to SPAMS and other unwanted
messages on this newsgroups (see charter below).

I will do all I can to ensure a timely and expediant processing of all
messages. I will call on my friends and colleagues at SGD at Stanford
if I plan to be absent for any extended period (conference or planned
leave) to ensure that somebody is always at the elm.

Please read this newsgroup's updated charter for further details:

Please do not hesitate to e-mail me (francis at and the
bionet management (biosci-help at if you think or perceive
any problems with my moderation or the YEAST/bionet.molbio.yeast newsgroup.

warm regards to all,


| B.F. Francis Ouellette  
| GenBank Coordinator      
| francis at        

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