undergrad needs help

3wx6quirkt at VMSB.CSD.MU.EDU 3wx6quirkt at VMSB.CSD.MU.EDU
Mon Sep 8 17:37:23 EST 1997

Howdy out there in the thrilling world of yeast biology.  I'm an 
undergraduate at Marquette University in search of cellular biology 
experiment (metabolism) involving your favorite fungi.  As I'm an 
undergrad, the experiment should be challenging and thought 
provoking (it's an honors project), but not overwhelming, and should be 
completable in a month or two at most.
  Questions and experiments should be emailed direct thanx much.

Also, on the side, if anyone knows of interesting research opportunities 
in Central or South America (or where I could find out about them), these 
would also be appreciated.

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