Cerevisiae signal sequences

Namjin Chung nc1 at ACPUB.DUKE.EDU
Wed Sep 10 14:24:07 EST 1997

On 9-10-97 5:24p, Mark Gosink wrote:

>Hello netters:
>	I am trying to compile a list of signal sequences which can
>function in Saccharomyces cerevisiae to target a reporter protein
>to various organelles. If anyone can relay sequences (or references
>for sequences) to me, I would appreciate it.
>	Thanks in advance for any help.
Dear Mark,
Check out the "PSORT" web site in Japan.  This site has a tool that 
enables you to predict the localization of a given protein, but also haa 
a manual where you could find what makes up a signal for intracellular 
localization.  The URL is:


Hope this helps you out!

 Namjin Chung, graduate student
 Program in Molecular Cancer Biology
 Dept of Pharmacology & Cancer Biology
 Duke University Medical Center
 n.chung at duke.edu

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