random primed libraries for two hybrid

Delia O'Rourke dorourke at WORF.MOLBIOL.OX.AC.UK
Thu Sep 11 06:40:57 EST 1997

	I am trying to find out if there are any randomly primed cDNA libraries
from mouse or human cells for use in the Brent LexA based two hybrid
system /interaction trap.  The only ones I have found that are
commercially available are all oligo dT primed. I was a bit worried that
these might not have good representation of the 5 regions of large
transcripts.  Could you let me know if this has been a concern when
using these oligo dT libraries and if you have pulled anything out.
	If you have any random primed libraries of mouse or human cDNAs that
are compatible with this system ( in a yeast 25 vector with a TRP1
marker, cDNAs driven by GAL 1 promoter and acidic transactivation domain
fused to the  cDNA) and could spare some I would be very grateful.
	 Alternatively,  if you had your libraries made by a company could you
let me know how you got on. 

All contributions and insight gratefully received, 

Delia ORourke

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