New Saccharomyces Sequences 09/23/97

SGD Sequences yeast-seq at GENOME.STANFORD.EDU
Tue Sep 23 07:46:34 EST 1997

====================== New DNA Sequences =======================

AF006304    AF006304     3069bp    DNA      PLN      22-SEP-1997
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae protein tyrosine phosphatase (PTP3) gene,
     complete cds.
    PTP3; protein tyrosine phosphatase.

AF019644    AF019644     4488bp    DNA      PLN      22-SEP-1997
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae Iqg1p (IQG1) gene, complete cds.
    IQG1; Iqg1p.

D34634      D34634     1080bp    DNA      PLN      12-SEP-1997
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae DNA for protein disulfide isomerase related
     protein, complete cds.
    protein disulfide isomerase related protein; MPD2.

=========== Updated Sequence Features/Annotations  =============

SCNNF1      X93350     1166bp    DNA      PLN      17-SEP-1997
    S.cerevisiae NNF1 gene.
    NNF1 gene; NNF1.

SCTHR4      X17256     2207bp    DNA      PLN      19-SEP-1997
    Yeast THR4 gene for threonine synthase (EC
    synthase; THR4 gene; threonine synthase.

SCYDL084W   Z74132 Z71256     2077bp    DNA      PLN      17-SEP-1997
    S.cerevisiae chromosome IV reading frame ORF YDL084w.

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