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Wed Sep 24 12:58:50 EST 1997


The First Electronic Cell Biology Conference (ECB-1) will be held on
the World Wide Web from November 3 - 14, 1997. ECB-1 will be a fully
international event open to all members of the scientific community
and will cover a range of current topics related to Cell Biology.

Authors can opt to have their presentation in the following

* non-permanent WWW presentation of a conference poster.
* non-permanent WWW presentation of a conference lecture. 
* refereed WWW presentation which will be considered for print
* refereed WWW presentation which will be considered for permanent
electronic publication.

During the conference interaction, presentations and discussions will
take place via the WWW using a Java-based virtual conference centre,
WWW-based discussion forums and an electronic mailing list. Before the
conference, a timetable for lectures and discussion sessions for each
section will be posted. 
Further details are available from:

1. The conference web site at (Includes
conference subject areas, registration details and other information).

2. Dr. Barry Hardy (Managing director)
   Virtual Environments International Ltd
   Oxford Centre for Innovation, Mill St
   Oxford, OX2 0JX, UK
   Email: barry at

3. Dr. Brett Burridge
   (Conference administrator - to whom enquiries may be emailed)
   Email: brett at

Dr. Brett Burridge (brett at
Conference administrator,
Virtual Environments International (

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