two hybrid question about N-glycosylation

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Thu Sep 25 07:30:54 EST 1997


I have a question, possibly a naive one, regarding the yeast two hybrid 
system. A colleague of mine is using this system currently, and one of the 
proteins that she is interested in is heavily N-glycosylated. My question is, 
since although the early steps in the biosynthesis of N-glycoproteins, in the 
ER, are evolutionarily conserved, the later, processing steps that occur in 
the Golgi are not. Doesn't that mean that most likely, this N-glycoprotein she 
is interested in is not N-glycosylated in the yeast cells as it would be in 
higher eukaryotes (it's a human protein)? As far as I know, she has done no 
assays to determine how de-glycosylating this protein affects its structure or 
function....couldn't this change in glycosylation alter the protein-protein 
interactions she is testing for? Please enlighten me!


BU Med Center

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