New Saccharomyces Sequences 04/07/98

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Tue Apr 7 05:25:32 EST 1998

=========== Updated Sequence Features/Annotations  =============

SCTRNILE    X69098       76bp    tRNA     PLN      02-APR-1998
    S.cerevisiae tRNA-Ile.
    transfer RNA; transfer RNA-Ile; tRNA-Ile.

SCU72633    U72633     1601bp    DNA      PLN      03-APR-1998
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae RNA annealing protein Yra1p (yra1) gene,
     complete cds.
    yra1; RNA annealing protein Yra1p.

YSCCHR1RAA  L28920 U00091    54811bp    DNA      PLN      03-APR-1998
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae chromosome I right arm sequence.
    Yar030p; Yar040p; acid phosphatase; carnitine N-acetyltransferase;
     homologue; membrane spanning; transfer RNA-Leu; transfer RNA-Ser;
     YAL020C; Yal020cp; YAR023C; Yar023cp; SUP56; tRNA-Leu; tS(AGA)A;
     tRNA-Ser; YAR027W; Yar027wp; YAL028W; Yar028wp; YAR029W; Yar029wp;
     YAR030C; Yar030cp; YAR031W; Yar031wp; YAR033W; Yar033wp; YAT1; Yat1p;
     YAR042W; Yar042wp; OSH1; Osh1p; YAR047C; Yar047cp; FLO1; Flo1p; YAR053W;
     Yar053wp; YAR060C; Yar060cp; YAR061W; Yar061wp; YAR062W; Yar062wp;
     YAR064W; Yar064wp; YAR066W; Yar066wp; YAR068W; Yar068wp; YAR069C;
     Yar069cp; YAR070C; Yar070cp; PHO11; Pho11p; YAR073W; Yar073wp; YAR075W;

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