N-terminal 2-hybrid fusions

Dr. Rainer Duden rd217 at hermes.cam.ac.uk
Wed Apr 8 07:10:13 EST 1998

Hi All,

I am looking for 2-hybrid vector/s compatible with
the Clontech GAL4 Matchmaker system that would allow
NH2-teminal fusions, rather than the normally used
COOH-terminal fusions.
We want to look use some protein domains as baits where
we have good rasons to believe that the amino terminus
must remain unblocked.

I know that there are such vectors (pNLexA) for the LexA system
(described in the 'Current Protocols' Erica Golemis/Roger Brent
article) and that they seem to work fine.
Unfortunately many of our existing constructs are in the GAL4 system.
(Clontech technical support says they often had this request,
but didn't do anything about it yet).

Can anyone help out with info and/or plasmids ? Many thanks !


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