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Wed Apr 8 14:59:18 EST 1998

An NIH-funded post-doctoral fellowship position is available in the
laboratory of Henrik Dohlman, in the Pharmacology Department at Yale
University.  Any recent PhD with US permanent resident or citizen status is

We are using genetic and biochemical methods to study G protein-mediated
signal transduction.  G protein-linked receptors mediate the actions of
neurotransmitters, peptide hormones, odorants, and light.  Moreover, they
are conserved in organisms as evolutionarily divergent as humans and yeast.
The similarity between these signaling pathways has permitted us to study
mammalian receptor and G protein function through heterologous gene
expression in yeast. We are currently using phenotypic screens in yeast to
identify mutants with altered signaling and desensitization properties.
This approach has led to the discovery of a novel regulatory factor,
Sst2/RGS, as well as to new insights about the functional role of
N-myristoylation of G proteins. In the future, we plan to characterize
additional mutations that affect desensitization in yeast, and to identify
homologues of these regulatory factors in humans.   For additional
information about the lab and the department, and for a list of recent
publications, please visit the following www site:

Interested candidates should submit a current CV and a list of references to:

Henrik G. Dohlman, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Pharmacology
Boyer Center for Molecular Medicine
Yale University School of Medicine
295 Congress Ave., Box 9812
New Haven, CT  06536-0812  USA
203-737-2290 (FAX)
henrik.dohlman at

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