Fwd: 12CA5 (a-HA) and 50kD cytosolic protein

Namjin Chung n.chung at duke.edu
Wed Apr 15 13:10:53 EST 1998

Dear Netters,

I have encountered a non-specific, cytosolic protein of about 50kD in 
size, which was recognized by anti-HA antibody (12CA5, monoclonal), while 
working with my protein of interest tagged with HA.  Does anybody out 
there know the identity of this protein?  Please email to 
n.chung at duke.edu if you have any slight clue.  TIA.

PS: I'm working with S. cerevisiae.

Namjin Chung
Dept of Pharmacology & Cancer Biology
Duke University Medical Center

Email: n.chung at duke.edu

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