pNMT1 + His3 shuttle vector

Nancy A. Markley markley at
Thu Apr 16 13:04:08 EST 1998

Dear Yeast netters,

I am looking for an S.pombe/E.coli shuttle vector that contains
the pNMT1 thiamine-repressible promoter, and a His3 marker. Would
anyone have such a vector or know where I may find one? We are
interested in doing a library screen using three different
markers, and very much need the His3/pNMT1 variety of vectors. We
have the pREP series of plasmids but they contain either Leu or

Thanks in advance,


Nancy Markley, Ph.D.
The University of Calgary,
Cancer Biology Research Group,
Dept. Medical Biochemisty and Molecular Biology
markley at

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