SUMMARY Re: 50kD cross-reacting protein with 12CA5

Hernan Espinoza espinoza at cgl.ucsf.EDU
Mon Apr 20 22:07:38 EST 1998

Namjin Chung <n.chung at> writes:

>Dr. Lisa Frenz at MRC (UK) also had similar experience and she found that 
>the non-specific band is strain-specific that she could detect it in 
>cG378 strain, but not in W303.  I don't know if other netters had similar 
>experience.  My strian had S288C background.

	We use W303 strains and I see it all the time.  I did a
quick poll around the lab and everyone else sees it as well (n=10)
in our W303 strains.

	Thanks for all the info!


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