two hybrid false? positives

Frederik Boernke boernke at
Wed Apr 22 08:07:23 EST 1998

Deb Court wrote:
> Hi! Does anyone have any experience with two hybrid "positives" in which
> only a few (<10) aa have been fused to the activation domain? The clones
> seem to have passed the genetic tests for false positives.
> Thanks,
> Deb Court

Hi Deb,

this is a quiete common phenomenon. I've experienced that myself. In 
some cases the ORF codes for only one aa and you still get  bait 
dependent activation. In those cases you frequently find in insert in
antisense orientation which than can be transcribed by a kryptic 
promotor within the ADH terminator. I think this was discussed in
Chien et al, 1992 Don't ask me where.



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