New Saccharomyces Sequences 12/10/98

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Thu Dec 10 09:50:14 EST 1998

=========== Updated Sequence Features/Annotations  =============

MISC23      V00703      865bp    DNA      PLN      04-DEC-1998
    Yeast mitochondrial oxi3 gene fragment with part of the intron aI4.
     Contains an open reading frame for a putative enzyme involved in
     splicing the cytochrome b gene.

SC3085      Z68111 U00094    10339bp    DNA      PLN      04-DEC-1998
    S.cerevisiae chromosome XVI PCR product 3085.
    eukaryotic iniation factor 5; GLN1; glutamine synthetase; TIF5; vacuolar
     H(+)-ATPase 54 kda subunit; VMA13; Gln1p; Vma13p; YP3085.03c; YP3085.04;
     Tif5p; YP3085.06c.

SCMIF2A     Z18294     2161bp    DNA      PLN      04-DEC-1998
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae of MIF2 gene.
    MIF2 gene; Mif2 protein; MIF2.

SCSUA5DNA   X64319     2065bp    DNA      PLN      04-DEC-1998
    S.cerevisiae SUA5 gene.
    PMR1 gene; SUA5 gene; suppressor; SUA5; PMR1.

SCYBL068W   Z35829 Y13134     2098bp    DNA      PLN      04-DEC-1998
    S.cerevisiae chromosome II reading frame ORF YBL068w.
    AST1; PRS4.

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