Saccharomyces Gene Registry update involving a new cytoplasmic ribosomal protein nomenclature

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Tue Feb 10 07:11:19 EST 1998

The Saccharomyces Gene Registry is currently being updated to include the
new nomenclature recently proposed for the S. cerevisiae cytoplasmic
ribosomal protein genes and their proteins by the authors W. H. Mager,
R.J. Planta, J.-P. G. Ballesta, J.C. Lee, K. Mizuta, K. Suzuki, J. R.
Warner, and J. Woolford.  This nomenclature was recently published in
Nucleic Acids Research (A new nomenclature for the cytoplasmic ribosomal
proteins of Saccharomyces cerevisiae (1997) Nucleic Acids Res. 
25(24):4872-4875), and can be found at the following Nucleic Acids
Research URL:

This nomenclature is also posted at the MIPS Yeast site

under their section entitled "Tables and Graphics."

The Saccharomyces Gene Registry is maintained by SGD (Saccharomyces Genome
Database).  SGD follows the Gene Naming Guidelines agreed upon by the
yeast community when handling issues of gene nomenclature.  These
Guidelines give priority to researcher consensus whenever possible.  We
feel that the above paper, published by seven authors active in the field
of cytoplasmic ribosomal protein research, is a strong statement for
community consensus on the issue of cytoplasmic ribosmal protein

The new nomenclature should be integrated into the database within the
next few weeks.  In all cases, the "old" names for the cytoplasmic
ribosomal protein genes will be linked with the new gene names, along with
all information currently associated with the "old" gene names. We will
also include the new cytoplasmic ribosomal protein names in the locus
information for their corresponding genes. 

For your information, SGD has prepared a table listing all the current
gene names which will be changed, along with their proposed "new" names
and their standard ORF names as presented in the NAR paper (this table
also includes standard ORF names identified as cytoplasmic ribosomal
protein loci in the NAR paper which do not currently have an associated
gene name). The URL for this table is:

As always, please send any comments regarding this issue to
yeast-curator at 

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