Yeast gene name changes

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Fri Feb 13 17:39:32 EST 1998


SGD has received a request that a new nomenclature be adopted for the S. 
cerevisiae genes encoding the proteasome regulatory particle.  With the
proposed nomenclature system, the acronym for non-ATPase regulatory
particle genes would be RPN (for Regulatory Particle Non-ATPase), while
the acronym for ATPase subunits in the regulatory particle would be RPT
(for Regulatory Particle Triple-A). 

Below is a list of the proposed names, the current names (when one or more
exists) and the corresponding ORF.  If you have any comments about or
objections to SGD adopting this nomenclature, please contact us via e-mail

yeast-curator at

NEW      OLD          ORF
RPN1     NAS1/HRD2    YHR027C
RPN2     SEN3         YIL075C
RPN3     SUN2         YER021W
RPN4                  YDL147W
RPN5                  YDL097C
RPN6                  YPR108W
RPN7                  YOR261C
RPN8                  YDR427W
RPN9     SUN1/MNCB1   YHR200W
RPN10    MPR1         YFR004W
RPN11    NIN1         YFR052W
RPT1     CIM5/YTA3    YKL145W
RPT2     YTA5         YDL007W
RPT3     YTA2/TNT1    YDR394W
RPT4     SUG2/PCS1    YOR259C
RPT5     YTA1         YOR117W
RPT6     SUG1/CIM3    YGL048C


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