Help - Y187 Saccharomyces Yeast!!

Van wanitcha at
Thu Jan 29 09:20:20 EST 1998

Hello there,

I was wondering if anyone has transformed into Y187 (Mat-alpha) from
Clontech. I have tried a couple of times without success. The yeast
seems to grow very slowly. For example, an overnight inoculation (2-3
colonies) in YPD which generally give a very turbid culture with SFY526
of HF7c will not give equivalent turbidity until the second day (ie: 2
nights). Clontech tech support did tell me that it is slow growing but
this is slow!!!

I planned to do mating experiments using transformed SFY526 or HF7c and
Y187 transformants. Does anyone have any experience with this?? I am a
newbie with Yeast stuff so please excuse the ignorance. Any help would
be greatly appreciated.  Feel free to email me directly if you have
time. Thanks again in advance.


r.wanitchakorn at
Brisbane, Queensland

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