Ronald Pearlman ronp at
Sun Jun 14 18:39:03 EST 1998

We have recently begun using Bacteriological Peptone from American
Biorganics (catalogue number 12-50770) in preparing YEPD medium. We find
that since we have switched from other brands of Bacto Peptone, things are
not completely soluble and the medium remains cloudy with particles even
after autoclaving. This can be dealt with by filtering the medium before
autoclaving but we have never had to do this in the past. Before getting
back to the company, I am trying to find out if this is something others
have seen or if it is just us. As mentioned above, it does not occur with
other brands of Bacto Peptone so we do not think it is related to other
components in YEPD. I will circulate a summary of responses if it turns
out others are indeed having similar problems with this product. 

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