Funded Graduate Student Positions

Colin Rasmussen colin at
Tue Jun 16 15:48:25 EST 1998

Calmodulin-dependent Signal Transduction in Fission Yeast

I presently have full scholarship funding for two M.Sc.or Ph.D. students
to work in the area calmodulin-dependent signal transduction using S.
pombe.  A variety of projects are available, ranging from studies of a
newly cloned calmodulin-kinase I, purification of a calmodulin kinase
kinase, to the role of the calmodulin-dependent protein phosphatase
calcineurin in the mating response.

The basic requirements are.

1.  B.Sc. in a Life Science.

2.  GPA of 80%.

If interested, either email me (colin at, or write to the
address listed below.

Dr. Colin Rasmussen
Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology
University of Saskatchewan
107 Wiggins Road
Saskatoon, SK
S7N 5E5

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