Yeast Plasmid DNA isolation

gmclab221 nayers at
Thu Jun 18 13:55:44 EST 1998

I was wondering if anyone has done restriction enzyme analysis on
plasmid DNA isolated directly from yeast by the rapid mini-prep method
(i.e. breaking buffer, beads and phenol/chloroform/IAA).  I am trying to
clone particular inserts into a plasmid of interest by homologous
recombination in yeast; however, my background is considerably high so I
was hoping to do a rapid initial screen and then go into E.coli after I
found the correct plamid containing yeast colony. Does anyone know what
the yield of DNA is generally for these preps and whether it is possible
to detect a cloned insert by restriction analysis with these preps?
Thanks you so much for you help.
Any advice woudl be greatly appreciated.
nayers at

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