Electroporation Arcing

Jon Binkley binkley at genome.Stanford.edu
Fri Jun 19 22:29:20 EST 1998

Matt Benson wrote:

>I'm trying to electroporate plasmid DNA from +ves in yeast two hybrid
>into E. coli.  The only problem is that it arcs every time.

[description of various things tried...]

>I'm stuck.

Have you tried varying the settings on the electroporator?
I was getting a lot of arcing using the manufacturer's suggested
settings (25 uF, 200 ohms, 2.5 kV) and tried lowering the voltage.
At 1.0 kV I get no arcing, a decent pulse time (between 4 and 5 msec),
and, most importantly, good transformation efficiency.

(We have a BioRad Gene Pulser.)

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