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Nick nick_owen at wo*ls.demon.co.uk
Mon Jun 22 23:29:11 EST 1998

After working on pombe for a relatively short time (18 months) I am
glad its around. As far as looking for orthologues of a human gene I
work on its not present in cerevisiae but is in pombe. As its a gene
related to splicing its important that pombe is more like higher
eukaryotes and that alot of its genes have introns, so splicing
mechanisms are present.

As far as I am concerned pombe is closer to man than cerevisiae is but
this is really open to opinion.

I do not pretend to be a yeast expert, infact I am a human molecular
biologist using yeast as an experimental system but our work shows
atleast one area of difference between cerevisiae and pombe - surely
that is reason enough to complete its genome.

I have not read all the discussion going on here, but it seems why
stop any work on pombe.

>And there are some pombe people who promote the 
>ridiculous notion that pombe is  somehow "closer" to mammals than
>cerevisiae.  (Evolutionary biologists go ballistic when they 
>hear that one!)  

Myself, I feel pombe is indeed just as diverse from humans as it is
from cerevisiae and the information on the gene I work on backs this

Just my opinions, nothing do to with anything other than me


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