Yeast in indoor environments

Liz Nielsen dmorris at
Fri Jun 26 23:06:46 EST 1998

My name is Liz and I work for an IAQ consulting firm.  We have a very
perplexing project right now where we have had two incidences where people
have gone to the hospital with allergic reactions, skin rashes, and
asthmatic symptoms.  After sampling the building the only significant
things we found were very high level of viable yeast and LOTS of dust
(about 1/4 inch above the area where the incident happened).  

Our question, can yeast in an environment cause skin rashes?  My intuition
says yes but I am not a mycologist.  Please pass on any info you may have
and if you have any good references for us that would be great.  

Thank you for your time.
Liz Nielsen
Healthy Buildings, Inc.

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