GCR1 intron

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Details from:

22863. Tornow, J., and Santangelo, G. The GCR1 gene of Saccharomyces
cerevisiae is a split gene with an unusually long intron [letter].
Genetics 138, 973-4 (1994).

The authors report cDNA sequence and nonsense mutations that support a
751 base intron, revising the ORF to join 3 amino acids to what had
previously been  Thr 63.
The sequence we present at YPD is incorrect;  the correct protein would

785 amino acids
87.7 kDa

Unfortunately, the sequence has not been deposited with GenBank, making
it more difficult for us to correct. We'll try to get the sequence fixed
this week.

The  Tornow and Santangelo reference corrects the numbering of
GenBank Acc No. M15253 (NID g171587)
from cds 670..3204
to cds 96..103, 855..3204

Transfered to the coordinates of the Chromosome entry in SGD

 Source ChrXVI
 Source_Exons 1      8
                         760  3109
 Chr_Basepair_Coord 412249 415357

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