different genes named SSL10

Midori Harris midori at genome.stanford.edu
Fri Oct 9 18:25:50 EST 1998


While working on updating the Saccharomyces Genome Database, I have
found that the gene name SSL1 has been used to refer to several
different loci:

Gulyas et al. (Cell 69:1031-1042) YLR005W; essential component of TFIIH;

Uesono et al. (Gene 143:135-138) YDR293C; standard name SSD1;

Steden et al. (Mol. Gen. Genet. 219:439-444) supersensitive to a-factor 
arrest; mapped to chromosome XII, 30.5 cM distal to ILV5;

Suzuki et al. (Mol. Gen. Genet. 219:58-64) mutation that increases 
lysozyme secretion.

To resolve this conflict, I have proposed that the name SSL1 be used
only to refer to YLR005W, as this usage is by far the most prevalent
in the literature and is consistent with the YPD usage. Further,
YDR293C has a different standard name (SSD1) as well as other aliases
(MCS1,SRK1). These two loci present no problems, but the others do.

The lysozyme secretion mutation has not been mapped or sequenced; and the
a-factor-sensitive mutation is not associated with an ORF. I've tried to
contact the researchers working on these various genes, but I haven't
heard from anyone. I would especially like to reach those who worked on
the supersensitivity to alpha-factor, to find out whether the gene they
called SSL1 corresponds to a known ORF. Please let the SGD curators
(yeast-curator at genome.stanford.edu) know if you can help with this



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