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Fri Oct 16 00:12:15 EST 1998



During the next few months, FlyBase expects to have several new
positions for scientific curators/indexers and computer
scientists/applications programmers.  With new funding, we expect that
the FlyBase Consortium will consist of about 30 scientists located at
four sites (Harvard University, University of California, Berkeley,
Indiana University and the University of Cambridge).

These FlyBase positions include:

       Location                      Position

Harvard University           Full-time Scientific curator/indexer
Indiana University            Full-time Computer scientist/application
U. of Cambridge (UK)       Full-time Scientific curator/indexer
U.C. Berkeley                   Full-time Database/Bioinformatics
Computer Scientist

To learn more about these openings and how to apply, go to the FlyBase
home page ( or to the nearest FlyBase
mirror site and click on the "FlyBase Job Openings" hyperlink in the
General Information list located in the home page sidebar.


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