UCLA yeast symposium 1987

olav vestrheim olav.vestrheim at mbi.uib.no
Fri Oct 16 14:51:55 EST 1998

Thanks Brian!

I got what I wanted!

olav vestrheim wrote:

> I would like to obtain a copy of an abstract from the UCLA Yeast
> Symposium of 1987.
> The title is "Detection of linear plasmids in Phaffia rhodozyma", by
> Wilber, K.A. and Proffit, J.H.
> The reference is marked 106, but I do not know whether this is the
> 106th. symposium or abstractnumber.
> The most important is wheter there are said anything about size of these
> plasmids or not, and their frequency in different strains.
> As always, I am short of time ....
> Yours Olav Vestrheim


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