leu2-3, 112 marker

Waleed Abu Al-Soud abu.al-soud at tmb.lth.se
Wed Oct 21 07:41:24 EST 1998

Raize wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I have a conundrum regards an integrating vector I've been using which has
> the LEU2 gene - I want to integrate this in the leu2-3,112 marker but I
> dont know where the two mutations in this gene are located (I need to be
> either side of both).  Anyone got any ideas?  I've checked the genome
> database with no luck, the answer is lost in the mists of time...
> thanks,
> Colin MacDiarmid.
> email: combine cmacdiarmid, hotmail and com with @ and . to get my address.

There is a list at :

of common yeast markers.

Good luck !

Björn Johansson

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