postdoctoral position in plant molecular biology

Thérèse Ouellet OUELLETTR at EM.AGR.CA
Thu Oct 22 15:29:58 EST 1998

Molecular Technologies
Eastern Cereal and Oilseed Research Centre (ECORC)
Agriculture and AgriFood Canada
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0C6

One postdoctoral position is available now in the area of molecular
pathology, to study the interactions between Fusarium graminearum  and
corn in Giberella ear rot , and to develop new strategies for
resistance to the fungal pathogen using transgenic plants.  We are
looking for candidates combining knowledge and experience in molecular
techniques and in pathology, specially in plant-fungus interactions.

Applications should be submitted to Therese Ouellet or Linda Harris,
ECORC, via mail, fax or email.

Enquiries/demandes d'information:
     Therese Ouellet, ECORC, Phone (613) 759-1658
                          Fax      (613) 759-1701
                         E-mail ouellettr at   

     Linda Harris, ECORC, phone (613) 759-1314
                            Fax (613)759-6566
                          E-mail harrislj at

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