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> Olafur S. Andresson (osa at

> Is there any information on splicing specificity in S. pombe, i.e. does
> fision yeast process introns from Ascomycete genes (e.g. Aspergillus and
> Neurospora)?

That depends upon the sequences of the introns at cleavage and branch 
sites.  Fission yeast is much less rigid than budding yeast about which
splicing consensus sequences it will use.  It certainly will 
splice some introns from other eukaryotes.  For a very thorough review about
 splicing sequences in pombe, check out this paper:
Prabhala, G., Rosenberg, G. H., and Kaufer, N.
 F. (1992). Architectural features of pre-mRNA introns in the fission 
yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe. Yeast 8, 171-182.

(If anyone knows of a more recent review, please let me know). 

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