Meiotic Double-Stranded Breaks (ChrIII) data posted at SGD

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SGD (Saccharomyces Genome Database) has just posted a page entitled
Meiotic Double-Stranded Breaks on Chromosome III, which presents graphical
and tabular views of data kindly provided by A. Nicolas and F. Baudat. 
This data is based on their PNAS publication on this subject (Baudat, F.
and Nicolas, A. (1997) Clustering of meiotic double-strand breaks on yeast
chromosome III, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 94:5213-5218).  The graphical view
of their data corresponds to Figure 2 of the above PNAS paper and
illustrates the location and frequency of double-stranded breaks on
chromosome III with respect to the distribution of ORFs.  The tabular view
contains a list of coordinates determined for the double-stranded breaks
(DSBs), the ORFs which have these DSBs located 5' of them, and the percent
of DSBs found per DNA molecule at each site.  Clicking on an ORF name in
this table links the user directly to the Gene/Sequence Resources feature
for the ORF, which presents the user with a list of SGD links to a variety
of information available for that ORF (Biology/Literature, Maps, Sequence
Analysis, and Sequence Retrieval resources). 

The Meiotic Double-Stranded Breaks on Chromosome III page is currently
linked off of SGD's home page:

It can also be accessed under SGD's Lists and Tables section, or directly
at the following SGD URL:

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