lysis of yeast cells

Trygve Meum Eliassen t.m.eliasen at
Wed Sep 23 11:34:59 EST 1998

I am using glass beads (which is the method I have available) to lyse
S.cer. cells. The method usually works eventually, but it is just so
inefficient. After 10x1 min of vortex, only a small fraction of the
cells are lysed. I have collected cells from 50 ml of minimal medium, OD
0.5, then added a small volume of phosphate buffer (or SDS-PAGE buffer),
and glass beads (0.5 mm) to just below the meniscus.  Then 1 min.
periods of vortex with 1 min. on ice inbetween. I have tried with
several different tubes; eppendorf and bigger. 

So obviously I am doing something wrong. I would be grateful if someone
would tell me what. From thomas.moen at

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