S. pombe ade6-704

S L Forsburg nospamforsburg at salk.edu
Mon Sep 28 12:59:36 EST 1998

Richard J. Maraia (maraiar at exchange.nih.gov) wrote 

> I am looking for references or general information on the possiblity
> that sup3-e can be used in S. pombe for selection in the complete
> absence of adenine.

Both sup3-e and sup3-5 (I assume these are different alleles of the same
tRNA gene) are able to support growth in the complete absence of adenine
in an ade6-704 strain.  However, being tRNA suppressors, they are somewhat 
unstable in high copy number (since they can't tell a nonsense allele
from a bona fide termination codon).  Thus, colonies carrying a sup3
allele on a plasmid may still be pink on low ade plates due to a background 
rate of plasmid loss;  if they integrate
the plasmid, or have strong positive selection, they will be pale pink or
white.  ade6-704 by itself is very dark red.  Hope this helps.

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