En masse 2-hyb screening

Boris Szurek szurek at genetik.uni-halle.de
Tue Feb 2 08:22:04 EST 1999

Hi all,

I have thousands of positive clones after first screening of my cDNA library
(LexA system). I just wonder is there is not a way for en masse plasmid
rescue, working in micro titer plate (or PCR plate) for rapid yeast
mimiprep, heat shock transformation into KC8 E coli and retransformation
into yeast ?  Has anybody tried such a thing ?
Or even directly transform the library plasmid from yeast mini-prep into
yeast without E coli isolation and amplification ? Would there be enough of
library plasmid in yeast cells ?
Please, I need HELP..
Hope to read from you soon


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