Is someone using the Clontech MatchMaker One-Hybrid kit...?

Gilles VACHON Gilles.Vachon at
Wed Mar 24 17:00:06 EST 1999

Hi all,

Is someone using Clontech MatchMaker One Hybrid kit here?
Well I have some problems understanding the logic of the user manual and
would like to share my concerns...

Gilles Vachon
Laboratoire de Genetique Moleculaires de Plantes,
UMR de Plastes et Differenciation Cellulaire
CERMO, 3eme etage
Universite J. Fourier, BP 53X
Tel: (33) (0)4 76 63 56 58
fax: (33) (0)4 76 51 43 36
e-mail: Gilles.Vachon at

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