dyes that stain dead cells.

Carolina Rugeles Mateus.msn.com gs16crm at panther.Gsu.EDU
Fri Mar 26 17:30:49 EST 1999

Hi, I am doing some experiments with yeast in the flow cytometer and I
need to find a dye that will stain my cells when they are dead. i am
presently using GFP as the viability dye, so a need a dye that with
reflect in a different wave length. I used propidium iodide before, but it
is not giving me as sharp resolution as I will like to have. I thought
about using oxonol to stain the cells according to their membrane
potential, but its fluorescence overlaps a little with GFP. Do you know of
any dye that will stain dead yeast cells and whose flourescence doesn't
overlap with GFP?

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