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>Dear Yeast Scientists,
>Will you kindly give me advice on good book of yeast techniques? Do you have
>some ideas on Yeast Protocols by Evans, Humana Press, 1996?
>Dr. Cyril V. Privezentzev


My favourite books are; 

Methods in Yeast Genetics by CSH Lab. Press, which is the budding yeast
course lab manual. Go for the latest edition.

Experiments with Fission Yeast by Alfa, Fantes, Hyams, McLeod and
Warbrick: another CSH Course manual.

There are a number of very good course books which are produced by a
number of organisers of yeast courses under the EMBO, ICGEB banner and
the like. One thing is sure, there are loads of ways to do nearly
everything: many work, some are clever and some are stupid, but take
your pick and pinch the best techniques from here and there.

Yeast Genetics by J.F.T Spencer, D.M Spencer and I.J.Bruce, Springer-
Verlag. ISBN 3-540-18805-3, 0-387-18805-3. Lots of interesting powerful
techniques, some of which are, alas, no longer used.

The Early days of Yeast Genetics, Edited by Linder and Hall, CSH Press,
ISBN 0-87969-378-9. This is no so much about techniques, but it does put
things in perspective.

Yeast Protocols by Evans, which among other things has a good chapter on
Tetrad Dissection.

Incidentally, if you need to know about the latter I can send you a free
C.D. which works on Mac or PC and shows you the lot.


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