Actin staining in S.cerevisiae

Isabelle Walther walther at
Mon Oct 18 16:26:26 EST 1999

Hello everybody

For the preparation of a space experiment on stress reaction in yeast cells
under microgravity, we are trying to stain the actin cable and patches by
means of rhodamine-phalloidin (according to Chowdhury et al., J. Cell Biol.
118, 561-71, 1992)  We are working with diploid wild type cells. We have
some difficulties in visualizing the actin. The background coloration  is
quite high and the cells are small.

1) Does somebody has experienced this kind of background problem and how
did she/he solve it?

2) Several investigations have been performed in other groups with
tetraploid strain which are larger than diploid. We would like to try first
to establish the method in our lab with such a strain, would  somebody
working with such a tetraploid wild type strain compatible with actin
staining be willing to share it with us .

Thank you for your help

Isabelle Walther
Space Biology

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