E. coli LacZ gene

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No offence! My reply was ment to be debatable, not as an accusation. I use LacZ as a
reporter, but has done a lot of searching before i found the sequence that i choose
as the best (it propably isn't!). I am about to clone the gene in the
reportervector, but i have to remove a BamHI site in the process. This leads to a
sequence which is nor wildtype neither greatly modified.
My point is that this approach could yield a reporter of greater as well as lesser
functionallity, compared to the wildtype. In case of a stronger reporter this would
be the prefered choice. Eventhough a stronger reporter is found, there may be many
sligthly/medium modified constructions that are even better.
Another issue of great importance is the substrate of the beta-gal. A better assay
could be obtained by trying out new substrates. This approach might be the simplest
after all.


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> In article <7rb0k9$odb at net.bio.net>, news at news.net.uni-c.dk writes
> >Maybe the wildtype isn't the best reporter. Some kind of modified protein could
> >be better.
> Suggestions?
> >The proposed LacZ from Promega could be the answer, but it is not
> >necessarily good, just because they sell it!!!!
> I didn't suggest that it was good, just that it is available. I have no
> relation with Promega, I just noticed it in their catalogue. I'm sure
> others are available. One just has to search.
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