Chromosome XII loss rates?

Michael Andres McMurray mmcmurra at
Tue Aug 22 19:13:22 EST 2000

I posted earlier this year asking which chromosomes could be monosomic in
a diploid without affecting viability -- that is, which chromosomes can a
diploid handle having just one copy of -- but now I have a slightly
different question.  I've made a strain to monitor loss of Chromosome XII,
the largest chromosome also harboring the rDNA array, and it seems that
loss events are very rare.  Does anyone know of any published (or
otherwise) information regarding loss or events that could effect loss
(segregation, etc.) of Chr. XII that might explain this?  For example, I
was wondering if in a diploid the nucleolus contains rDNA from both copies
of Chr. XII, and if so, if this structural role might inhibit loss or
affect viability of monosomes.  Or is it just because it's so darn big?

Thanks in advance,


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